Tuesday, December 7, 2010

External Hard Drive – LaCie Starck or Origin Data Locker?

In this digital technology world, everything is digitalized including your photos, music, videos, documents, games, etc. More and more people are considering having an external hard disk to store their digital files. What is your main priority and requirements in choosing an external hard disk – storage capacity, portability, security or aesthetics? The newly launched LaCie Starck Desktop Hard Drive or Origin Data Locker might fulfill your requirements.
LaCie Strack Desktop Hard Drive, similar to other LaCie’s products, has a unique and cool appearance. One of the remarkable features of the LaCie Starck is its intelligent touch-sensitive surface at the front panel. It will respond to your touch with a short tap or a touch to open an application as preset via LaCie Desktop Manager Software. Aside from this intelligent touch-sensitive front panel, the LaCie Starck also comes with huge storage capacity available in 1TB and 2TB models at around $130 and $250 respectively. The Starck supports Windows 7 and measures 195mm x 115mm x 52mm with a weight of 1.38kg.

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